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ASAK Solutions offers a full range of high-quality aviation services to the world’s major airlines. Our handling agents use their extensive expertise to ensure safe and on-time aircraft handling.

Ground Handling

ASAK has provided the aviation industry with over 50 years of ground handling experience.

We have put together a team that understands what the needs of an aviation company are; and how to properly bring those needs to reality.

Our company can provide the skillful workforce and equipment available to make your operation succeed.

GSE Rentals & Service

We at ASAK understand the immeasurable importance that GSE has on a successful operation. With that mentality, we set forth to raise the bar on the service provided to operations such as yours. We specialize in the leasing, sales, and maintenance of all GSE.

Our techs are available to you for onsite visits. ASAK has partnered with several supply companies to help ensure that the parts or equipment needed for the success of your operation are made readily available to you. The next time you need something for your operation, know that we can provide you with the highest standard of service available within the aviation field.

Lavatory & Water

ASAK has been able to become the trustworthy Lav and Water provider here in JFK.

Our team is trained and capable of 24/7 service for any client that may need our services.

We also provide a Comprehensive Cabin Cleaning service, which goes into a thorough detail of the living quarters as well as the cabin area of the aircraft.

Snow Removal

We are here to offer the premier snow removal service for your needs.

Our team has proven its capabilities throughout the aviation industry for over 10 years. We offer competitive pricing and understand the specialized needs of a client in the aviation sector. Our snow removal division is fully dedicated to ensuring that your operation is not sidelined by the weather.

Instead, we are here to simplify your operational needs during a winter event; whether that be snow removal or de-icing, allow us to give your operation seamless movement at the time of the next winter event.